Because FORTISSIMO can serve you in the area of NON-CASH payments by:

  • providing global payment service in 15 currencies via your charge free Client Payment Account (CPA);
  • watching exchange rate according to your requirements;
  • rewarding your loyalty;
  • receiving payments from abroad to you CPA free of charge;
  • sending your payments abroad for a low fee or completely free of charge;
  • sending your payments abroad within 24 hours (selected countries only);
  • receiving your orders via our internet banking application ePay24;
  • securing your payment orders in compliance with banking stardards;
  • keeping your deposits in special mode according to Act 41f no. 21/1992 coll. of the Banking Law;
  • and because since 1996, when FORTISSIMO was established, our services have been proved by thousands of satisfied clients.

             So, be smart and become one of them!

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